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Coal RFID Tracers

Disposable Radio-identified Density Tracers (patents pending).

coal-rfid-tracers-contentThese single-use radio-identified density tracers are available to clients who have purchased the Partition Enterprises DMS Audit Service or the DMS Optimisation System for dense medium cyclones and other density separators in coal-washing applications. Partition Enterprises also uses them in an audit system for clients who choose not to lease the detection equipment and software which would allow them to conduct audits at any time.

Densities range from 1.26 g/cc to 2.20 g/cc. From RD 1.30 to 1.60 the density increments are 0.01 g/cc and every tracer is guaranteed to be within +/-0.006 g/cc of its nominal density. At the extremes of the range, larger increments are allowed, together with larger tolerances.

Each RFID tracer is in the form of a grey cube with 13mm edge length, and each contains a radio transponder capable of transmitting the density of that particular tracer to Partition Enterprises detection equipment, which is available for long-term lease to coal producers.
Density tracers with densities spanning the range of interest are added to the circuit feed and are manually retrieved from the product and rejects streams. They are bright pink to facilitate retrieval. For statistical confidence, at least 30 tracers are used for each selected density. After retrieval they are sorted into their various densities, and the resulting data are used to plot a partition curve.

The form of the curve can indicate whether the metallurgist should take actions such as adjust medium density, replace a worn circuit component, or correct an overload or medium instability situation.
If a snapshot (short duration) audit is required, the entire process can be conducted by a single operator over less than 10 minutes, with the precise partition curve immediately displayed on a tablet screen.

Prices in $AUD (Australian Dollars)

Individual Price (export) $4.55

Individual Price (domestic ex gst) $4.41

Minimum Purchase Quantity per Density is 1 Sleeve of 10 Bundles of 30 tracers (300 Total)

DMS Audit Service

DMS Optimisation System