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About Us


Dr. Christopher Wood
(Managing Director)

For a number of years Chris Wood was manager of the ongoing, industry-funded coal preparation research project at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre in Brisbane, Australia. He had a hand in the early development of what became the Coalscan range of on-line ash monitors, and wrote a PhD titled "A Performance Model for Coal-Washing Dense Medium Cyclones". His model is still widely used. In 1980, Chris and two colleagues developed prototype density tracers for coal-washing dense medium cyclones. (They subsequently learned that De Beers had recently developed comparable but higher-density tracers for use in their diamond operations). To make density tracers available to the coal industry, Partition Enterprises Pty Ltd. (PEPL) was established.

Following a couple of years with PT Kaltim Prima Coal in Borneo, Chris returned to Brisbane in 1999 and extended the Partition Enterprises product range to include other forms of density and luminescence tracers for use in coal and mineral processing plants encompassing diamonds, iron ore, gemstones and magnetite.
We believe that Partition Enterprises is the major world-wide manufacturer of tracers for the mineral processing industries. That said, the market is not large and we retain the feel of a niche supplier, meeting a specialized need, with a small and dedicated team of about 5 people. You will find us quick to provide information and product, and responsive to your special requirements.

We do not maintain overseas offices or agents, preferring to deal directly with clients by visits, email and telephone. We hold stocks of common products and, because shipments are usually small in volume and weight, we can typically courier them to a mine store in a remote location in any country, within 10 days of receiving an order.