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Useful Life of Density Tracers

Download Useful Life of Partition Enterprises Density Tracers
Partition Enterprises density tracers contain fine solid particles in a resin matrix. The particles are thoroughly dispersed, so wear or chipping has little effect on density unless the remaining material has volume less than that of a 1mm cube. However, reduction in volume by wear or chipping causes a tracer to behave like a particle smaller than the tracer nominal size.
Furthermore, much of the wear and chipping occurs on the tracer corners, altering the fluid drag characteristics of the particle. It is therefore recommended that a tracer be discarded if its volume has fallen to less than 80% of its nominal value. Quality control requires a simple mass determination of each tracer and comparison with the relevant figure in the table below. The 80% is an arbitrary value. Unless there is substantial breakage or particle retention within a cyclone, it should allow many passes through a dense medium circuit.

Minimum Acceptable Masses (in grams) of Partition Enterprises Density Tracers