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Tracer Quality Control

Partition curves or other results derived using tracers with imprecise characteristics can lead to reduced plant performance in terms of product yield and contamination.

Partition Enterprises’ reputation rests largely on its ability to demonstrate to clients that our quality control procedures are reliable.

To maintain precise control of density and other characteristics, we find it important to work with small production batches.
For our standard density tracers for coal, density is accurate to 100% within +/-0.005 g/cc.
For diamond density tracers, from every production batch we test 50 tracers, each with a volume of approximately 0.5cc. If the estimated density (including experimental error) of even one of those tracers differs from the nominal by more than 0.02 g/cc, the entire batch is rejected. To demonstrate this precision, every shipment of these tracers includes a test certificate showing each of the 50 test results for every batch in every size and density fraction. Such a test certificate for a sample order encompassing one size and nine densities is shown below.